Dialog Me is a social action program in the World Cup environment involving a lot of residents of the Russian Federation. Ordinary people become "language volunteers" and they are ready to help those visitors to the country who don't speak Russian. The language volunteers can find answers to any questions. You meet these helpers everywhere. And you know for sure what language they can speak.
Who are the "language volunteers" and how to find them?
If you see in the street, transport, restaurant, or museum – just anywhere – a person with a badge, a sticker or ribbon bearing a logo "Dialog Me" and a flag-indicated language, don't hesitate to address this person. The logo 'Dialog Me" demonstrates that its owner is open for a dialogue in the indicated language.

Everything is easy!

We'll do our best to make any guest to Russia feel at home! You will never stay helpless with us!

Emblems and attributes
Opportunities to get help provided by Dialog messenger and FansHotline24
Another way to get help is to download Dialog messenger. The messenger contains chats through which you can consult one of the experts of the Multilingual center FansHotline24, created to give support to the football fans.

Below you find chats in nine languages – choose which you need.

Aleksandr Gazov
Project executive
Alexey Bezmenov
Project idea
Maria Ponomareva
Alla Gribanova
Sasha Puchkova
Language localization
English | Español | Deutsch | Français
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Dialog Me
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E-mail: gazov.as@gmail.com
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